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Get access to the world's first comprehensive training program & done-for-you business resource for everyone who wants to start a business by importing and selling high-in-demand African products in the global market.
Yes, I am ready to 'Import from Africa'

Dr. Harnet - leading African Business Trainer & Consultant shares the new mission...

To train, equip, and empower you to open up their respective markets to high-in-demand products sourced in Africa. It will allow you to build a flexible, highly profitable business and create wealth, so you can become financially free & live life on your own terms. And at the same time, you are directly contributing to Africa's economic development, local production, livelihoods, and job creation. 

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Yes, I am ready to 'Import from Africa'

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What you will get:

Imagine how easy it would be to start a profitable African business, if you get immediate access to the following:

Access #1 to: The world's first online training on how to import from Africa

The world's first ever 'How to Import from Africa' online training course in 12 modules.

Access #2: Best African Products List

We made a list of the most sought after and trending African products in the world for you. Access it now and simply choose one product to get started.

Access #3:  Check Lists & Email Templates

You may wonder how to get it all started! Well, we will lead you step by step!  Don't know what to write contacting an African supplier? No problem, just copy-paste our e-mail templates. Done!

Access #4: Success Stories and Lessons

We will share success stories from people who are successfully importing African products.  This will be a growing library of videos where people who just started out like you will share their lessons and advice with you. PRICELESS! - and  great motivator, too!

Huge Bonus!!!

When purchasing the online course TODAY, you get automatically access to our growing online marketplace of African products and suppliers.

We have vetted them....and then partnered with you can start doing business together!

A success story...

Watch a short excerpt from one of our success stories...


"I just completed the Import training course and it was fabulous! I encourage you to do this training if you are interested at all in importing a product as part of your business strategy. It gives you the steps that you need to be a successful import agent or distributor. It was the information and push that I needed to move on to my next step."

Shondra Whatley, Importer, USA

"Excellent "importing from Africa" online course! Dr Harnet really breaks down the important aspects of the import / export business for Africa. Not only that, but she gives you key advice on how to reach out to reliable suppliers. I have no experience in this field, but many thanks to Dr Harnet I found the confidence I needed to finally get started! "

Brandon Clayton, USA

"Dr. Harnet's program offers a real gateway to importing goods from Africa. Joining her program helped me launch an import business that is consistent with my values and allows me to have more balance in life. Dr. Harnet's guidance is actionable. She is direct and warm in her engagement with importer program participants. I highly recommend the Importer Program, because she has helped me grow as an entrepreneur in such a meaningful way."

Shelby, Importer, USA

"Dr. Harnet, I am impressed and encouraged by the products that you have made available. Several of the products, I have often wondered how I could import and your Importing From Africa Program has now provided a simple solution. As a member of the Diaspora, I can now fulfill a long time dream of connecting and doing business in Africa. Thank you and I look forward to working with you moving forward."

Robert C. McKenzie, USA

Dr. Harnet, Africa Business Consultant

"As founder of and the new Africa Business in a Box importing program, I am determined to awaken the African Diaspora to the huge opportunities in Africa and then train them how to use them.

Ammy Gyampo,  AmDeCO, Ghana

"As founder & CEO of AmDeCo in Ghana (and from the Diaspora herself), Amma has a wide network of producers and suppliers in Ghana. She is now opening the door for them to do business with you."

Our East Africa team

"We have a team and partners in East Africa helping us grow our supplier network, so you will get a greater choice of products and reliable African suppliers."

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1. How to import from Africa online course (12 modules)

2. Access to African suppliers & products (

3. Best African products list

4. Email templates & check lists

5. Success stories & insights (videos)

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pay once

1. How to import from Africa online course (12 modules)

2. Access to African suppliers & products (

3. Best African products list

4. Email templates & check lists

5. Success stories & insights (videos)

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