After 7 years of boot camps...
Dr. Harnet welcomes you to an *ALL NEW* Africa Business Boot Camp 2022 on June 4-5 [ONLINE] !!

The Worlds Leading Africa Business Training!!
By Internationally Renowned Africa Business Trainer, Dr. Harnet



What you'll get with your registration:

1.)  2-day intensive LIVE training  by Dr. Harnet online

2.) Free training worksheets to print

3. A free e-copy of Dr. Harnet's book '101 Ways To Make Money In Africa'

4. Replays & Lifetime access to  2020 recording of the live event in New York City

June 4 - 5, 2022

Sat :
@11 AM EST - 3 PM EST
/ 4 PM UK - 8 PM UK

Sun :
@10 AM EST - 12 PM EST
/ 3 PM UK - 5 PM

This is the BEST offer we ever had! All geared up for 2022 ONLINE!









Now it's Africa's time - be part of it!

Dr. Harnet - Your Certified Africa Business Trainer

Hi, I am Dr. Harnet an internationally renowned and certified Africa Business Trainer. I show  ambitious professionals & entrepreneurs in the Diaspora and friends of Africa how to start doing business in or with Africa FAST. I will show you powerful steps that will allow you to rapidly position yourself in the market as a newcomer while contributing towards Africa’s future. 

I have spent the last 22 years of my life (7 of them as an entrepreneur) working in and with Africa and I am on a mission to teach you how to become part of Africa's renaissance while building ethical wealth for yourself. I am the co-author of  the book '101 Ways to Make Money in Africa' and have been featured on Forbes Africa, the Africa Club of Air France/KLM, Newsweek, the high-profile Africa CEO Forum, and spoke at Google among other. I also lead a growing and ambitious Africa Business Academy group online, and regularly lead Business & Investment Missions to Africa.

I want to challenge you to start living a greater version of your life in 2022...

I have a question for you: Where will you be at the end of 2022?

Will you still be wondering if there is more to life and how to break out of your unsatisfying routine and limitations?

Will you still be wondering about how to do business in Africa feeling intrigued by the huge profitable opportunities you read about?

Will you still be wondering how to create financial freedom and in which ways to leave your legacy?

Or will you have taken action and be reaping the juicy fruits!!?

Will you have made the decision that now is the time to live a greater version of yourself and to unleash the potential that really is locked inside you?

You see, whatever decision and steps you take in the NOW will determine your FUTURE.

And right now, I am offering to work with you to get your African business and investment ambitions from 'dreaming' or 'concept'- mode to the next level allowing you to implement and create an amazing life journey.



BootCamp Value for you:

2-Day Training Intensive ONLINE

Learn the 7-step formula that will allow you to get your African business and investment started from anywhere in the world, while cutting down TIME, RISK, and related COST. Get clarity about how to build your African business on a large or a small budget.

Networking Opportunities

There are only a few places where you can truly connect with like minded people. We want to build a community around our trainings and hence there will be ample of opportunity for you to connect with like-minded people to initiate comradeship and business relationships during the boot camp.

Action Workshop & Success Plan for 2021

During our boot camp workshop on day 2 we will look into your individual Africa business ideas, challenges, and struggles and turn them into clarity. We will also design a success plan for you that you can follow after the boot camp.


Navigate easily through Markets, Industries, and SMART Business Models that Work for YOU and Africa!



Best Success Strategies and Action Tips to Start Making Money in your African Business Fast!


I invite you to sign up to in life:

Create wealth, a fullfilling lifestyle, and a legacy for yourself & your family while serving the people of Africa.

Register NOW (spaces are limited!)


What others say

- Negash Arefa, California

"Your wealth of knowledge and guidance has opened the door for me to seize opportunities that I never knew existed. I could not have started my business without your help. The clear road map that you provide leaves no room for ambiguity and I am very grateful for all of your support. Cheers!"

Pawel Cielecki, CEO, Poland

"We have engaged Dr. Harnet for a very difficult but exciting project involving entry into a new, exotic market that was completely unknown to us. Dr. Harnet turned out to be an outstanding expert. Her skills surpassed our expectations."

- Cleopatra Starrets, London, UK

"This boot camp has been amazing - fantastic! Dr. Harnet has been absolutely amazing. She is well grounded, she knows exactly what she is talking about and I needed someone like that to help me structure my vision and my thinking and help me really put it into perspective. Someone who tells me about the best way and the steps to take. I am very happy I am in this forum."


- Joseph Miti, Manchester, UK

"Hello Dr Harnet - I am writing to say thank you so much for the boot camp you put together in London. It exceeded my expectations by far, the value of the content not only empowers but is actionable and has given me clarity and direction to my vision in starting my business in Africa, you delivered in a professional manner. Again may I say thank you."


- Helle Davila, NYC, USA

"Best event I have ever been to, and I have been to many. We need 5 days of this, not just 2!"


Just as we did last year, we will meet again online in 2022:

You may be a member of the African Diaspora or a friend of Africa...planning to start a successful business on the continent...


 ...or you may be based in Africa determined to build a business that is both profitable and impactful and .

Frequently asked questions

Dr Harnet answers you questions:

Q1: Who should attend the boot camp?

Anyone who is keen to start doing business with Africa and who is looking for clear and actionable success strategies and expert insights, while looking for personalized guidance (this is the rare combination you really do not get anywhere else in this field).

The event is tailored to the African Diaspora at large and friends of Africa, SMEs, of all backgrounds who look from the outside in. You may be a professional employee with a desire and no business experience, an entrepreneur, an investor, a start-up or an existing business owner looking to enter African markets. Maybe you are simply someone who wants to turn his/her life around for the better.

What I teach will be most relevant to those who want to establish a successful business while serving Africa. Where you are based does not matter and you may have a large or a tiny shoestring budget available to you. All you really need is an eager readiness to get started. 

Q2: I have never been to Africa - can I still start an African business? 

Yes, absolutely! Our African Diaspora is diverse, many have grown up in Africa and left the continent, others are of African origin but have never been on the continent. We also have non-African friends at our events who may or may not know Africa well. The rare approach I take is that I offer business models with great potential that will fit your very own circumstances and priorities. You will be amazed to learn how easy it can be to get something started. 

Q3: What is the overall benefit and the transformation I can expect when attending?

CLARITY and a ROAD MAP - plus a rare concrete opportunity to get a new business venture and life path started immediately. You can get started right now with what ever you have. I will show you how. What you will learn during these 2 days you will probably never learn anywhere else, because the information and strategies I share are innovative step-by-step insights that simply no-one else teaches. You can learn in two days what would otherwise take you months or even years to figure out for yourself. It's your choice. This means you will most definitely save TIME, unnecessary RISK, and related COST.

Q4: I have a business partner / family member who I would like to bring along - do we both need to pay the full ticket cost?

Once you have registered, you will be asked if you want to bring a friend/family members/business partner at a highly discounted price. You will also receive a separate link by e-mail to do so at a later stage! 

Q6: How do I get access to the LIVE program?

Once you have registered and paid, we will send you an email with the link to the live program.

Q7: Will there be a recording of the session?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage you to attend live, as the live energy is much more powerful and you also get to ask your questions. But if for any reason you cannot attend the whole event live, you may watch the recording afterwards.

Q8: At what time does the live bootcamp online start and finish?

Sat @11 AM EST - 3 PM EST / 4 PM UK - 7 PM UK 

Sun @11 AM EST - 3 PM EST / 4 PM UK - 7 PM 


Contact us

More questions? My team and I are here to help. Contact us at [email protected]