Start your African business in real time. Get hands-on support from your own coaches and co-members, and enjoy access to a reliable business network in Africa

Are you keen to finally create wealth in Africa while making a positive contribution to the continent? Wonderful! You have definitely come to the right place! The Africa Business Academy is an exclusive membership group that will support you in your quest to do business with or make investments in Africa's emerging markets. We are here to walk the talk with you. This is your chance to get started faster and the right way - with all the support you need.

Here’s exactly what benefits you get when you join the Africa Business Academy

BENEFIT #1: Get Personal Access to Dr. Harnet

{VALUE  US$ 9,997}

Starting an African business is an ambitious undertaking and hence having a coach at your side may make all the difference! You are not sure if you are making the right business decisions, you don't know what to do next, you may feel stuck, you have a question, need some advice, or simply continuous success mentorship on your road to wealth creation in Africa? Dr. Harnet takes her personal engagement with all Academy members very seriously and now you can have access to her support and that of other mentors on a daily basis - tailored to your very own needs - through the Networking Foyer of the Academy.

BENEFIT #2: Get access to Dr. Harnet's Virtual Africa Business BootCamp course

{VALUE US$ 297}

It's simple: There is no other training course out there that teaches you how to enter Africa's markets successfully. If we want to build successful businesses or investment portfolios in Africa we need the right insights and strategies to make it happen. Dr. Harnet teaches you no-nonsense, actionable success strategies in 10 video training modules that allow you to cut down TIME, RISK, and related COST when getting started in Africa. Watch and re-watch any time.

BENEFIT #3: Group mentor-ship and success coaching (Live & video)

{Value US$ 1,164}

NEW in ABA are the monthly video training bundles & worksheets, which you will receive in your inbox each month. Dr. Harnet and ABA co-mentors will also hold regular LIVE Hangouts and open Q&A sessions for respected Academy members around business & personal growth. These mentor-ship sessions will  provide guidance to improve your Africa business knowledge, so you can reach your goals. We also welcome amazing guest speakers from whom we can learn or partner with. This will be delivered through our live meetings via Zoom 1-2 times each month. There will be REPLAYS for those who cannot attend the live session.

BENEFIT #4: Get Access to reliable Suppliers & Partners in Africa

{VALUE - Priceless}

If you have not figured out how exactly you want to make money in Africa, or you need local partners and reliable suppliers for your start-up you will be pleased to hear that the Academy provides support and real engagement for that, too. You will get direct access to our network of businesses and partnership opportunities in Africa through our live webinars or personal e-mail introduction.

Benefit #5: Massive Networking

{VALUE - Priceless}

Sometimes when we visit events we come home with a stuck of business cards, but it can be difficult to keep those contacts going - but when you are part of a committed membership network those contacts are there to stay! An important part of our Africa Business Academy is to build business relationships among our respected members and with entrepreneurs and business leaders on the continent. We will be able to share our resources, skills, and connections with each other, provide comradeship and support and generally build good business relationships, which are there to last beyond our Academy.

BENEFIT #6: Get access to our Joint Investment Group

{Value - Priceless}

Some ABA members are also interested in investing their money in existing companies in Africa. We are currently working on establishing our own Joint Investment Group with the help of professional investment advisers. We will start with a group investment in a pineapple farm in Ghana with great returns. A valuable opportunity to get used to investing your money if you are serious about wealth creation.

BONUSES When You Sign Up Today.

If you sign up today you will receive the following bonuses:

Dr. Harnet's risk/

Within 5 minutes you will be identifying Africa's best markets, as this unique map will give you a quick overview about the opportunity & risk ratio of each market. To figure this out on your own, may cost you months...

101 Ways To Make Money in Africa

Need more Africa business ideas you can entertain? Then this is the book for you! Dr. Harnet and John-Paul Iwuoha share business models that work and success stories of Africans who have pulled these ideas off.

A Free Copy of my new book

I am currently working on my new book - the most comprehensive guide to doing business in Africa. You will get a free e-book as an ABA member when it is being published.

Your Africa Business Trainers

Dr. Harnet - Your Lead Trainer

Dr. Harnet is a leading international Africa Business Trainer, Coach, and Int. Development Consultant. She is the founder of the Academy and runs several other Africa business programs.

Dr. Harnet has worked in international development in the Horn of Africa since 1999 before she started building her African business. 

Dr. Harnet specializes in empowering the Diaspora to make smart and profitable Africa business & investment decisions.

Dr. Harnet's Africa business advice has been featured in the following media:

Pamela Anyoti - Your Co-Mentor

Pamely Anyoti, Ugandan -born and raised, is the Founder of ASANTE MAMA and your Co-Trainer and Mentor at the Academy. She founded Asante Mama 10 years ago and runs it as a social enterprise producing organic, non-GMO, fairly-traded herbal teas, spices and cocoa beans with the MISSION of uplifting farm families of Uganda out of extreme poverty.

With degrees in Political Sciences and International Law and Masters in Agricultural Economics, Pamela worked in the UN's FAO in Rome for 5 years in Policy Assistance Unit, Technical Cooperation Department. She started her African business with just 15 widows in 2007 and has since over 10,000 farmers working for her. 

Pamela works across the value chain from farm to end consumer - distributing products in several organic stores in Belgium and the US and rapidly expanding to other countries mainly through online sales. She will show you what it takes to start a successful business in agriculture.

Testimonials By Our Trainees

Honore Cyubahiro, Canada

“9 months ago when I joined this group [Africa Business Academy] I had a burning desire to start a business like all of you. But deep inside me I was insecure, I had no business background, negative self talk, fear etc... so many times I wanted to quit. Until I started to change my beliefs and took action. What I thought was almost impossible a few months ago now is possible. Yes, I started my import business . And I can't believe that I have already made some sales. I am aware that this is only the beginning but I am now also convinced there is no limitation except those we put in our minds.”

Natasha Harris, USA

Banking Manager

"I began my "African Business" journey with Dr. Harnet. Soon after joining the African Business Academy, I settled on my business model and the best location for my business. Dr. Harnet mapped out the MASSIVE action steps I needed to take to position myself in my industry of choice. The decision to start an African business was one of the best decisions of my life. Dr. Harnet has amazing skills and knowledge on how to do business the "right way" in Africa. I highly recommend working with Dr. Harnet if you are serious about starting an African business and want to minimize your risk. Dr. Harnet is extremely passionate about Africa's future and as long as you follow her road map and follow her coaching advise you will succeed!!!"

Simshindo Msola, USA 

Simply put, joining the African Business Academy (ABA) is the best investment that any serious entrepreneur/investor interested in doing business in Africa can make. Since I have joined the ABA, Dr. Harnet has done a masterful job of helping me focus my ambitions, providing me with invaluable feedback and critique, as well as the right business leads and contacts. Dr. Harnet possesses the rare combination of an extremely personable disposition and unrivaled professionalism, expertise and responsiveness. I cannot overstate the amount of credit that I give her and the ABA for setting me on the most focused path to my business ambitions. If that were not enough, the ABA has a wonderful mix of members at various points in their business journeys, who are extremely welcoming, helpful and insightful in their own right.

Glenn Wilson, USA

Senior ICT Expert 

"Before I joined the Africa Business Academy I was not sure of what I wanted to do other than connect with Africa and start a business. Dr. Harnet has a unique methodology and understanding of how to help you to practically and pragmatically get started or even how to expand your existing business into the lucrative African markets. I know I would not have come this far on my path - now owning my own African business - if I had not met Dr. Harnet and become a member of the ABA. Also, an added benefit of being in the Academy is the chance to interact with other entrepreneurs who have the same ambitions. Joining the Africa Business Academy as a member is without a doubt a very sound business decision I made."

Iveoma Okparaeke, USA

Business Attorney

Dr. Harnet, I am speaking facts. You are THE business educator in the how to get started in business in Africa space. No one else comes close.

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Get Personal Access to Dr. Harnet any time

Virtual Africa Business BootCamp training

Get Access to Suppliers & Partners in Africa 

Group mentorship and success coaching

Massive Networking 

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